Nevertales 4: Smoke and Mirrors OST

Alice has grown up, but ventures further into the rabbit hole.
Pierre and Belle show their strength and determination as well, making Nevertales 3 a family adventure.

Our everlasting thanks to the wonderful voice talent in this game, and our hearty congrats to the brilliant people behind the curtains!
Nevertales is a beautiful series, reminiscent of those beautiful bed-time stories which give childhood its charming colours.
It has elements of magic, danger, it is challenging and adventuristic, and it is all bound by family.
It is truly inspiring to work on projects such as these, as they allow us to explore different ways in which the game audio can go, and is one of the most enjoyable aspects of creating audio for games. We strive to do the best we can to enhance user experience, by creating music and sound which will best accompany the story the player is enjoying.
With Nevertales, this task was done with absolute joy, thanks to the dreamy graphics, and true-to-life characters with interesting personalities.
Also, the duality of the world in which Nevertales is set required a distinct selection of instruments for different scenes, where we tried to be age-appropriate, as in – middle age/modern age.

“Alice belongs to two worlds, the real one where she’s following her dream to become the head of a company, and the storybook realm of Taleworld where she was born. These two worlds collide when her owl friend Gears returns with an urgent message. Her father has been arrested by the Queen of Hearts and will be executed for treason! Alice must use her unique mirror powers to travel between the real world and Taleworld to make her way to the Queen’s castle. Alice’s mother is leading the resistance, but will they be strong enough to defeat the Queen? ”

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