Dark Realm: Queen of Flames OST

The blacksmith’s daughter is in for an adventure of a lifetime.
Dragons, pixies, twists and turns – hope, betrayal and victory. Breathtaking!
This game had us inspired to the bone! We truly wanted to give it the soundscape it deserves, and hopefully we at least came close.

We were blessed to work with some INCREDIBLE voice talent on this game, and are so humbled, yet again, by comments such as these:
“The music. Probably the BEST “period” music I’ve EVER heard in a game … ever. Chanting, hauntingly beautiful, taking you to that nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat place of fear, expectation and excitement without the usual crescendos of ever-increasing volume. The voice-overs () were amazing. The slightest difference in accents in some of the characters were spot on.”

“Mad Head Games, creators of the Rite of Passage and Nevertales series, proudly present an exciting new fantasy-adventure series!

The evening started like any other in your village. But without warning, a group of mysterious figures arrives and reduces the town to flames and rubble. What are they… and who is controlling them? Your only way to find out is to flee the village and seek help from the Queen. But you’ll have to lie low to avoid becoming another minion of the flame banshees. Use special abilities and power-ups to make your way through a mystical world in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!”

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