…As Cadenza is a music-oriented game, the soundtracks are downright amazing. We were mesmerized by the jazzy soundtracks that play in the background, and the pleasant voices of the characters….

Cadenza: The Kiss of Death

…The soundtracks are expertly crafted, melodic and charming; in addition, the voice overs are also extremely well done…

Nevertales: Smoke and Mirrors

Adding on to that, the audio aspects of the game are also very impressive. The soundtracks are top-notch, especially the main menu’s title music which is unarguably one of the best we have heard in a HOPA game. The voice overs are evidently well-recorded by talented voice actors, they give the characters emotions and souls.

Dark Realm: Queen of Flames

Credits roll for the audio team also; the soundtracks in Hide and Seek are very impressive. They are beautifully composed, peaceful and light most of the times while upbeat and dark when needed. The voice-overs are certainly among the very best we have heard, each word is clear and concise, extremely easy to follow even without the subtitle.”

Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek

What is special about Cadenza is its jazz-vibe; all of the scores and soundtracks are original and very beautifully composed. The audio in Cadenza is perhaps the very best in the casual games industry.”
“…Cadenza featured epic sights and sounds.”

CADENZA: Music, Betrayal and Death

The soundtracks are fairytale-like without being too childish and the voice overs are not over-the-top.”

NEVERTALES: The Beauty Within