A little workshop of original music and sound which is young and fresh, and will continue to musically enhance computer games, which we all love so dearly. We enjoy putting in our effort to give others a good listen, as well as learning from both our colleagues and our audience.

We dare say that we know a lot about music, a lot about sound, and we need you to find out which is the best and fastest way for us to show you the worth of what we do, and how right you were in your selection of us…

Oh, yeah, and we know a lot about games! Because we ARE old gamers after all, and we love them, oh, so much! :-)

* * * Comments:
CADENZA: Music, Betrayal and Death –
What is special about Cadenza is its jazz-vibe; all of the scores and soundtracks are original and very beautifully composed. The audio in Cadenza is perhaps the very best in the casual games industry.”
“…Cadenza featured epic sights and sounds.”

Sound: 5/5 Stars

NEVERTALES: The Beauty Within –
The soundtracks are fairytale-like without being too childish and the voice overs are not over-the-top.”

Sound: 5/5 Stars

Rite of Passage 2: Child of the Forest –
For the music, they are great as well. They do not play in loops and are not at all repetitive.”

Sound: 4.5/5 Stars
* * *


Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death OST: